Saturday, April 13, 2019

Omar & Her Allies Gloss-Over 9/11

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Members of Congress--from both parties--have been known to say stupid stuff.  Some more so than others.

But earlier this week, we heard Congresswoman Ilhan Ungrateful Omar refer to the 9/11 attack merely as "some people did something."

The New York Post nailed it with their headline:  Here's Your Something.

And of course this triggered Snowflake Marxists like Commissar Cortez into defending Ilhan Ungrateful, while while her fellowette Quisling Rashida "Taliban" Tlaib said Ilhan was merely speaking "truth to power.".

And Ilhan Ungrateful continues to double down, even claiming Dubya downplayed the attack--while standing on the rubble of the World Trade Center.

We all know the libtard playbook by now.

When a conservative criticizes the craziness on the left, they're denounced as--

--Any of the Above
--All of the Above

This latest brew-up is no exception.

Even when someone like Congressman Dan Crenshaw (the real "Nick Fury") quotes her exact words--he's condemned for "inciting violence."  At least in a rare moment, the denizens of Twitter came to Crenshaw's defense.

The Amazing Lucas called Omar problematic, while Brittany Hughes called her out on her latest Reality Check.

Guy Benson felt Ungrateful Omar's defenses and counter-attacks are worse than her 9/11 comment.

More of Omar's "speaking truth to Infidels" is coming to light, but I wanted to post this before the week is out.

I hope by the time her term in office is at an end her district's voters will "do something" ballot-wise to ensure her first term will be her last.

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