Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Politicians Too Eager About Edicts

(Image by Pat Cross)

While the Chicoms action to starve American hospitals of medical equipment is unforgivable, the Dimtards aren't letting a "good crisis go to waste."

Last week, CA Governor, Newscum, proclaimed the Chicom Pandemic is an opportunity to ring-in a "new progressive era."

Tiny Rhode Island has gone Full-Police State, while Governor Blackface of Virginia extended the lockdown until the day after the state primary (10 June 2020).

As Liberty Doll said just over two minutes into her Rhode Island video, we're living in every dystopian novel we've ever read.

(Image by Julie Marchese)
Activists are "...acting like teenage girls..." and trying to reclaim the limelight of their causes--climate change, third-wave feminism, and race reparations being the top three.

The shift to Dystopia isn't just occurring in the U.S.  Down Under, Australians are concerned about governments are curtailing cherished freedoms under the guise of public safety.

In the UK, sunbathing is banned (even while social distancing), many Britons feel like they're sleepwalking in a dystopian police state.

Even if we avoid sliding into a dystopian hellscape, we're going to reach a tipping point where the cure is worse than the disease.

When that tipping point will occur/is occurring is debatable.

Last week, Laura Ingraham asked:  What is the Coronavirus doing to us as a people?

This week, Tucker Carlson asked:  How long will the lockdowns last?  While Laura wondered:  When do we get our country back?

When indeed.

But libtards don't care, and have already adapted to a narrative that anyone who is concerned about the shut-down economy wants to see people die.

Besides, they're too busy falling for the latest Kung Flu hoax.

Just like being for secure borders means one is a racist and a 2nd Amendment advocate means one wants to see school kids slaughtered in their classrooms.

So is there some middle ground?

Unreasonable crackdowns risk eroding respect for law enforcement even further.

As with the foundation of America's government, there's a need for checks and balances in combating the Coronavirus.

Or as Kurt Schlichter warns:  Beware of the creeps who enjoy their new pandemic power.

(Image by: A.F. Branco)

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