Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dems & Media "Waking Up" to Wuhan Lab "Conspiracy"

(Image by A.F. Branco)

The Zhou Bai Den Regime is now engaged in a "90 Day Sprint" to understand the origins of the Wuhan Flu.

The Dimtards and their media minions are now frantically updating their lies and considering that maybe--just maybe--the Kung Flu was hatched and escaped from the Wuhan Bio Lab.

This is an issue most (all?) of us right-leaning folks suspected right from the get-go, but was branded a conspiracy theory--until now.

Talk about 14 Months Late and a Yuan Short.

During the last year of The Era of OrangeManBad, the media, Dimtards and "fact checkers" were so deranged and Hell-bent on preventing Our Grand Nagus from winning the 2020 Presidential Election that they were willing to sacrifice investigating the truth, along with the lives and livelihoods of American citizens to ensure Dementia Joe was dragged across the finish line. 

Up until Inauguration Day 2021, the Usual Woketard Suspects were singing the PRC's tune.

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Zhou Bai Den's "New Order" isn't quite standing up tough to China now. 

But they're at least willing to begin investigating the possibility of the Kung Flu being man-made--because the outcome won't have an impact on last year's election.   

In response to the "Biden-Harris" Administration's lukewarm push to investigate the Wuhan Flu's origin, the PRC is pushing back with it's conspiracy theory that the pandemic originated at a US Army post

Now that the Facebook Branch of the Ministry of Truth ended the ban asserting the Wuhan Flu was man-made, it's safe to discuss it on America's Social Credit System Lite.

Nor is the reaction to this "sudden" turn around limited to America.  None of the Folks Down Under in the Sky News Australia video Comments Section are enthused about Facebook lifting it's censorship power--for now.

Normally, I'd cheer-on true bi-partisan support.  

However, the unanimous vote in the Senate to declassify information on how the Wuhan Flu started rings hollow to me.

This should have been started over a year ago--well within the actual "...2-4 weeks to flatten the curve..." along with other measures to minimize the impact of both the virus and lockdowns.

But stealing the 2020 Presidential Election was a priority for them at the time. 

(Image by Lisa Benson)

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