Friday, June 25, 2021

Heat Wave in Washington State

(Image from USA Today)

 I haven't blogged about the weather here in WA State for a long time.  

But now we're facing a Heat Wave with today's temperatures peaking near 90 degrees.

Then tomorrow through Monday (26-28 June), temperatures are forecast to be between 101-112 degrees.

Seattle hasn't seen temperatures like this since 2009...

(Image from History Link) fact, I did a quick post about--lost now, somewhere in the Station's archive. 

(Jeez!  Have I been blogging for THIS long!?).

Anyway, the National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Warning for all of Washington State.

People from just about everywhere else in America make fun of us for being unable to "take the heat."

But out here in the Pacific Northwest, fewer homes are airconditioned, but there's a a lot more than there use to be.

No matter where you are in the US this summer--stay cool & hydrated.

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