Saturday, July 3, 2021

Death of Women Sports & Politicizing the Olympics


(Image by A.F. Branco)

The day after Inauguration Day 2021, Zhou Bei Den brought “equality” to women’s sports.

And natural-born women are being left in the dust ever since.

This was a problem I’ve blogged about before, but now Creepy Uncle Joe officially empowered biological males to defeat female athletes at their own games

We’re witnessing the slow, suffocating death of women’s sports.  

There’ll be at least one trans athlete who will destroy female competitors at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Laura Rosen Cohen asks the following on her “Weight Grifting”article:   

What kind of loser male athlete pretends to be a woman in order to break out of his regular loser status?  How much do you have to hate women and women’s sports to do such a thing, and why should anyone celebrate such despicable madness?

Why indeed.

Here’s a Twitter thread highlighting some of the “sudden” and “stunning” victories by biological male athletes competing in women’s sports.

(Image by Margolis & Cox)

But it doesn't take a man LARPsing (Live Action Role Playing) as a woman to ruin sports for everyone.

US Olympian & hammer-thrower, Gwen Berry, turned her back during the National Anthem at last weekend's Olympic Trials

So if she hates America so much, why is she even competing?

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

The third-place sore winner copped a backlash for her podium activist antics

But of course, Berry--and the White House--are defending her actions

This was just the latest in her long line of political stunts

As many of us are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day, we shouldn't have to remind our fellow citizens that, yes, it is ungrateful to turn your back on the National Anthem

While The White House is all-in for Gwen's latest selfish publicity stunt, Congressman "Nick Fury" Crenshaw called for her to be removed from the team

All this are just another couple reasons for "taking a knee" to sports.

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