Thursday, July 22, 2021

Woke-Flavored Ice Cream

(Image by Margolis & Cox)

Now that we're in the middle summer one often thinks about having a cool and refreshing scoop or three of ice cream.

 However, to leftists, everything's political.  

Sports, movies, comic books, TV shows--and now ice cream--are merely tools for woketards to bludgeon everyone else into "getting woke."

Actually, the owners of Ben & Jerry's have always been leftists.

But recently, the wokey pair announced they will no longer sell their ice cream in the "Occupied Palestinian Territory." 

Of course, this virtue-signal/publicity stunt is the latest in a long list of failed boycotts against Israel

I've never had any of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, so I can't ritualistically purge my freezer of any of their whacky flavors, nor can I solemnly swear I'll never buy their stuff again. 

But I can at least continue to avoid buying into their wokeness and enjoy the rest of the summer--with another brand of ice cream.

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