Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being Conservative = Being a Right Wing Extremist

Prior to the TEA Parties another firestorm ignited across the conservative blogosphere. DHS published a report (title is pictured above), issuing vague warnings about right-wing extremism. "Extremists" include veterans returning from war (or "downrange" as we say), and those who are against illegal immigration, outsourcing, etc. This along with the economic downturn supposedly creates a "perfect storm" for right wing extremists to launch violent attacks.

Meanwhile another report issued in January discussed the possible increase in cyber attacks by left-wing extremists. At least this report contains some facts regarding specific groups and their past activities. But according to this report we only have to worry about left wing cyber-hackers, as opposed to the more violent-prone right wingers.

Neither report mentions Islamic terrorism which since 11 September 2001 has killed thousands of innocent people.

Michelle Malkin's website posted the story on 14 April (along with Debbie Schlussle):

Today, Ralph Peters rolls-in on this in the NY Post:

And Debra Saunders follows with a post on the SF Chronicle:

While the new DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano hasn't been "sent down to the miners" as Ralph Peters suggests, she did offer an apology:

Comrade Karla had this to say:

I think I can see why this has had this impact, though. It's the timing. I think any other time this would have not been noticed…but you have a new administration and they will get scrutinized during the first weeks/months (by somebody, if not his water carriers in the MSM). We have a massively deteriorating problem on the border; piracy abroad and Al Qaeda/Islamonuttery…well, everywhere.

Then this comes out with little or no substance behind it and rightly or wrongly it looks gratuitious to a part of the population who have been constantly ragged on as "unAmerican" for criticizing the new regime.

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