Monday, April 13, 2009

The "Romance" of Piracy

The picture above illustrates (all too well) one of the problems we have in confronting today's piracy: The "Golden Age" of piracy has been romanticized for years by our society.
(I must admit I love the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But at least I know what the historical realities were).
Now we're confronted with the reality of what these "dashing sea-dogs" in the days of yore did for a living.

Victor Davis Hanson rolls-in on the piracy issue (romanticizing it is #3 on his list):

Comrade Karla Senior responds to the President's role in the rescue of Captain Phillips:
I was curious about the report that BO said force was authorized "if the captain's life was in danger. What the hell did he think the captain's life was in from the get-go, if not danger?

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