Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's the Regime Stupid!

Our Community Organizer-in-Chief wishes for a nuke-free world. Does that mean he's planning on launching a pre-emptive strike against Iran and North Korea?


His solution is to disarm responsible nations--primarily ours. (Gun control advocates take a similar view. They want to "get guns off the street." But instead of enforcing tough criminal laws they seek to disarm law-abiding citizens).

Mark Steyn rolled-in on this yesterday in his section of "The Corner" of NRO:

...I think the Obama response to the North Korean test is a good example of that: The wish for "a world without nuclear weapons" is not merely a pacifist delusion but one that obliquely subscribes to the false equivalence so assiduously promoted during the Cold War.

I wouldn't lose a moment's sleep if I read in the paper that New Zealand and Switzerland had decided to become nuclear powers. It's not the technology (which can't be un-invented, any more than the rifle or the spear or the sling could). It's the regime. North Korea and Iran going nuclear is not the same as Norway and St. Lucia going nuclear. It is so depressing to see the president of the United States mired in obsolete Cold War non-proliferation bromides.

Consider two possible responses to the inevitable Iranian nuclearization:

a) The Sunni Arab dictatorships (Saudi Arabia and perhaps Egypt) decide to go nuclear rather than live under Iran as the regional hegemon.

b) The Sunni Arab dictatorships knuckle under the Iranian nuclear umbrella and Teheran becomes the de facto controller of Arab oil supply and much else.

I'm not sure proliferation wouldn't be the least worst option.

It's not just embarrassing to hear the so-called "leader of the free world" talking like a 14-year old who's been up in his room listening to "Imagine" for too long. I fear this presidency has the makings of global tragedy.

Here's another quote from a transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show, which aired on 6 April:

"We're building a world right now in which the wealthiest nations in history from Norway to New Zealand, are incapable of defending their borders; while decrepit Third World basket cases from North Korea to Sudan, go nuclear. How long do you think that arrangement is going to last?"

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