Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Martha F***ing Stewart"

My high school friends on Facebook are in a state of shock over a girl we all knew. Danielle Chiesi was remembered as a sweet and beautiful girl. But looking at the picture of her above (in the white sweater) and reading the wiretaps, she's now anything but.

Her and her partner-in-crime were arrested for securities fraud back in October.

NY Post, among other news agencies, had the details:

Yesterday, "Martha F. Stewart" and Raj Rajaratam, were in court yesterday and pleaded innocent:

I have fond memories of Danielle and her two friends at the time, Miylae (sp) and Jackie. My friend Harry & I met them while on a trip to Quebec with the high school French Club. Since this was our second trip to Quebec, we showed the girls around town in gentlemanly fashion. Harry and I were seniors and the girls were freshmen, so we didn't want to attend our graduation wearing prison jumpsuits. Although, Danielle may have to get use to such fashionable attire.

I hope Jackie and Miylae are doing better with their lives.

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