Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clinton May See the Light at the End of the Centrifuge

Apparently Hillary Clinton has had a sudden epiphany about Iran:

Clinton: "Evidence Is Accumulating" That Iran Is Seeking Nuclear Weapons. ABC World News (2/14, story 3, 0:20, Harris, 8.2M) ...reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "opened her trip to the Middle East" on Sunday "by asking Arab countries to put diplomatic pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions. She told a gathering Qatar that Iran's actions have left the world little choice but to take action." The AP (2/15, Burns) says that Clinton, "on a quick visit to Persian Gulf allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia, told a forum on US-Muslim relations that Iran has not lived up to its nuclear obligations and has rebuffed US and international efforts to engage in serious talks. She said Iran has a right to nuclear power, but only if shown unequivocally it is to be used just for peaceful purposes." On whether Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, Clinton said, "The evidence is accumulating that that is exactly what they are trying to do."

Comrade Karla:  Oh, so they were not doing this before?

In a related story and "revelation:"
Clinton Warns Iran Becoming "Military Dictatorship." Remarks on Iran made by Secretary Clinton Monday during a visit to Qatar are receiving significant media coverage, with most reports casting them as a deliberate step to increase international support for sanctions. ABC World News (2/15, story 5, 0:20, Sawyer, 8.2M)...said that Clinton is "stepping up the heat on Iran," declaring Iran is "moving toward a military dictatorship." She also said the Revolutionary Guard "has gained so much power it has in effect replaced the government."

Comrade Karla again:  "Becoming" a military dictatorship? Where have these people been?!
My guess would be, too busy trying to ram-rod Obamacare down the American peoples' throats.

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