Monday, August 23, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Protest Gaining Momentum

The Ground Zero Mosque protest is gaining momentum.  Depending on what poll you read, one thing is clear--over 60% disagree with the idea of a mosque being built near Ground Zero.  However, our "Imam in Chief" Obama, along with "Princess Pelosi," who wants to investigate the anti-Mosquers, are trying to frame the argument as one of religious intolerance.  Just like the woman pictured above.

Not only that, but the Islamist apologists, (and possibly enablers), like Daisy Khan, are trying to brand Americans as Islamophobic. 

From Jihad Watch:

Islamists know us better than we know ourselves.  And one of the worst things one can be called in America is "racist" or "intolerant."  Of course, the demand of tolerance with islamists is a one-way street, as this gentleman points out:

What most liberals fail to realize is the militant nature of Islam and the conscious decision-making process on where mosques are built.  The individual pictured below, clearly understands this:

Pat Condell; writer, comedian and internet personality in the UK, rolls-in on the debate in his typical scathing style:

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