Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potential Neighbors for the GZ Mosque

The debate over the proposed "Ground Zero" Mosque continues unabated.  Two days ago, it was announced that the imam behind the project, Feisal Abdul Rauf, will be traveling to the Middle East--sponsored and paid for by the US State Department.

From FOX News:

In retaliation, Greg Gutfeld of FOX's Red Eye, came up with a brilliant idea--open a gay bar next to the mosque:

Of course the purpose of this would be to foster diversity and acceptance...

The friend who sent us this link had these opening comments:

In the spirit or freedom, blah, blah, blah, this guy wants to open a gay bar next door to the Ground Zero mosque. My partner here at work suggested a dog groomers across the street, too. Any other suggestions?

The deluge of suggestions, which "just happened" to be antithetical to Muslim sensitivities were:
Bacon shop?
Bible book store?

Lingerie store? (wait, that would be acceptable)

One of those Virginia ham places would be cool.

It definitely needs to be a strip club where the nude chicks sell liquor and bacon sandwiches.

A row of those massage chairs across the street so everyone can put their feet up with the soles of their shoes facing the front of the mosque. Cup holders for adult beverages and trays to set their BLTs and ham sandwiches would be sweet additions.

If a dog training place doesn't work, a pet store specializing in dogs would be cool as well.

Nobody mentioned a porno shop. Couldn't specialize though. How about a YMCA, with hotel? Kill two birds with one stone. Might satisfy the muslims, and wouldn't offend regular folks, who wouldn't get the connection.

I like all of these ideas - Gay Bar, Dog Grooming, Strip Club, Virginia Ham Shop. Throw in a microbrewery and it sounds like a party...

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