Friday, November 5, 2010

The Evergreen State Retains its Tinge of Blue

The WA State senatorial race finally ended.  Dino Rossi, the Republican contender, conceded earlier today with the results, according to the Tacoma News Tribune, of:


A 2.54% lead, is not exactly a mandate.

The Seattle Times has the full story:

One of my friends made this excellent observation:  That our newly re-elected senator must be on really thin ice.  During her campaign, she had the following political heavyweights fly in to help her out:  Obama--twice, the First Lady and Joe Biden.  And yet she couldn't get beyond a 3% lead.

Patti Murray, along with several other senators and congressmen, managed to hang on to their seats, despite the Republican resurgence on Election Day.  For WA State, it usually boils down to Seattle/King County, Everett/Snohomish County and Olympia/Thurston County, being the final arbiters of elections.

At least we're not as bad off as New York or California:


I think this assessment by Mark Steyn in his Reading the Tea Leaves blog during the Election Night coverage, is spot-on:

11.45pm In California, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown have beaten Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, two Republican candidates tailored for the Golden State, professional, centrist, and without any of that establishment-disturbing Tea Party craziness like certain lady candidates in Delaware and Nevada. And they both lost. I think we're seeing in California the limits of the democratic process in a Big Government state. The statist workforce and the dependency class can outvote the productive class. And, given the number of Californian small businesses who'll be ordering the U-Haul in the morning, that electoral gap will only widen in 2012 and beyond. California is Greece: The arithmetic does not allow for meaningful correction. The question is whether Texas and other non-insane states will volunteer to play Germany to Sacramento's ouzo-swiggers.

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