Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, You Can't Win 'Em All

Before Election Day was officially over at midnight, it was clear the Republicans will gain control of the House of Representatives, while the Democrats retain control of the Senate.  Pundits are still sifting through the data and reading the politcal tea leaves.

From FOX News:

With a similar story from the Seattle Times:

Unfortunately, for us right-of-center folks here in the Evergreen State, it appears that Patty Murray will be able to retain her seat in the Senate:

However, even more important than the candidates, the WA State midterm election was about several proposals that were on the ballot.  This is one of the few states in the union without a state income tax--and Washingtonians voted to keep it that way.  The tax on soda, candy and bottled water, the state legislature snuck in last year was also tossed.  The details are in the Seattle Times:

Despite how one feels about the election's outcome anywhere in the country, the results send a clear message to politicians who think of themselves as our political ruling class:  You better keep "checking your 6 o'clock position" (your backside)--you answer to We, the People.

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