Monday, November 22, 2010

Seattle-Tacoma's Winter Wonderland

(Image of morning commute from:  The Seattle Times)

Winter held the Pacific Northwest in it's icy grip throughout the day.  A combination of below-freezing temperatures, high wind and snowfall was enough to cause major traffic snarls during the morning commute.
From The Seattle Times: 

(Image of the evening commute from:  The Seattle Times)

While this morning's commute was bad, this evening's was worse.  We got hit with another round of snow, but thanks to my 4-wheel drive, I made it in to work.  (I hijacked the picture above before leaving).
Once again, from The Seattle Times:

But as the evening wore on, things got ugly, especially in Seattle:

Parts of I-5 were at a complete standstill with folks stuck for over 6 hours--and counting--on the highway, with no relief in sight.

While a little additional snow is predicted for the next couple of days, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing.  The weather is suppose to warm up by Thanksgiving.

Something we can all be thankful for.

Here's a photo & video gallery (with a commercial), illustrating some highlights of today's weather:

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