Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gitmo Detainees Fall Under Our Spells (We Wish)

Hot Air brings us a story of a Gitmo detainee claiming the US employed Jewish witches against them.  What's even more disturbing than this outrageous claim, is that Al-Jazeera regards this as a serious story: 

One of my friends quipped:

Too bad it didn't work. Apparently they are still around to bitch about.

To which, I replied:

Yeah, it figures. We went with the lowest bidding contractor and hired the dropouts from Hogwarts.

Other comments soon followed:

Wow, Jews and witches. What's next, Navajo intergators forced them to take peyote?

I'm certain they were forced to be in close proximity to (shudder) women...when we all know that's torture.  Of course goats, sheep, and young boys are all A-OK!

And it’ll be better now, with DADT.

We could just have my two beagles slobber all over them...

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