Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Have Some of This!"

(Image: "The Thin Red Line," the 93rd at Balaclava).

Lieutenant Adamson of the 5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland will receive the Military Cross for Gallantry for killing two Taliban fighters single handed--one with a bayonet.

Here's the full story from the UK's Telegraph:

"Have some of this!" Was the lieutenant's response as he opened fire on a Taliban fighter in a maize field.

When confronted with a Taliban machine gunner and out of ammo himself, Lt. Adamson recounted that, "...I was just reacting in the way that I was trained..." And plunged his bayonet into Taliban attacker.

Apparently British soldiers have used bayonet charges to good effect in the Middle East. Here's an article by Chris Hughes from the Mirror (6 April 09):

For Lt. Adamson and his men, their training paid off.

But the employment of "cold steel" hasn't been limited to the wilds of Afghanistan. Yesterday a John Hopkins University student killed an intruder with his Samurai sword:,0,4027961.story

Looks like this perpetrator won't be showing up in court for his 30th conviction...

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