Saturday, September 26, 2009

The UN (Useless Nobodies) and the USA (University States of America)

A few days ago the American public got an earful of speeches at the UN by the wacknut leaders of Libya and Iran.

Meanwhile, our own Dear Leader once again played to the UN crowd with his never-ending America Has Acted Arrogant speech. Or as former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, called it: A post-American speech by our first post-American president.

It didn't take long for two of my favorite commentators to roll-in on this weeks events at the UN.

First Mark Steyn points out that there ARE differences among nations and why America taking the lead role in world affairs is a good thing:

Victor Davis Hanson, or as we call him "VDH," discusses Obama's speech template--"I'm great, Bush was bad, now I'm in charge, so all will be well." VDH points out that Obama's been using this template since he's been inaugurated:

Just prior to the UN Freak Show, VDH wrote an excellent character profile of Obama. Our current president was weened on the liberal biases at places like Occidental, Columbia, Harvard and the University of Chicago. The "academia shoe" certainly fits because it explains this administrations confusion and dismay over the growing unpopularity of their proposed policies.

Under the soft tyranny of the university campus it is easy to coerce students into the biased multi-cultural/socialist/communist/anti-Israel/anti-capitalist mindset. Threaten impressionable young minds with the charge of racism/sexism, along with failing grades, and they'll fall into line. Imagine what grade a student received in Ward Churchill's class if he wrote a paper challenging his conspiracy theories?

VDH on Dean Obama:

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