Friday, September 18, 2009

Czechs & Poles Abandoned (Again)?

(Image of Joachim Ribbentrop, Joseph Stalin and Viacheslav Molotov at the signing of the nonaggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union, August 1939).

Yesterday, on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, our Dear Leader cancelled the ballistic missile defense system that was scheduled to be installed in Poland and the Czech Republic. This plays directly into the hands of Russia and it's puppet-master strongman Vladimir Putin.

I didn't comment on this yesterday, because I wanted the day to remain in honor to Medal of Honor (posthumous) hero Sgt 1st Class Jared Monti.

Ralph Peters rolls-in on Obamessiah's latest foreign policy blunder from the NY Post:

Ralph's article sparked the following discussion:

For once, I agree 100% with Ralph. This missile defense plan was always a waste, bt once we committed to it, it became imperative we follow through if for no other reason than to show solid support for the eastern wing of NATO.

I expect Putin will move up his plans against Ukraine now. The Russians are already issuing Russian passports to people in Ukraine (like they did in Georgia). It is only a matter of time before a crisis (real or manufactured) occurs between Ukraine and Russia. As for smaller countries like Georgia, they are hosed...

Comrade Karla: I suspect the Ukraine will be hosed as well…who will be willing to fight on their behalf? Certainly not the West, not based on what I've been seeing/hearing.

NATO will do what it always does…punt and then look to the US for decisive leadership, which will not be forthcoming.

Here's a comment with an alternative viewpoint and link:

This guy agrees with the decision because he believes it opens up opportunities with Russia and Iran that he also fears the administration will not pursue which it probably won't.

On another note - the whole timing of announcing this thing on the anniversary of the Soviets rolling into Poland in 1939. Had GW Bush done something like this we would have heard a chorus of catcalls about how this shows his ignorance, lack of sophistication, and inability to understand that unlike in America which is still a young nation, in most parts of the world what happened 60 years ago might as well as be next. With Obama - nothing but silence...

Comrade Karla: wonder why this guy thinks it would be "a pity" if we developed the RRW?

All depends on how much faith one puts in diplomacy that is not backed up by the implicit threat of force. There are always options…the biggest problem I see with this is politically it was badly bungled and has put the Poles and Czechs in a difficult position if asked to "trust us" again.

As for "moral suasion," I don't give it much chance and neither has the historical record. Both the Russians and Iranians have already said "no dice" to any concessions before we've even sat down with them.

I don't think this guy is talking about moral suasion as much as he is talking about getting serious with Russia about playing ball from here on out. The conventional line by many is that the Russians were so bent out of shape about these interceptors that they wouldn't work with us on other important issues. I've never bought into that but now that we've removed the impediment, it's time for them to put up or shutup. To me that is the real problem, Obama will not pursue that he just assumes that by being the anti-Bush and by rolling back what previous administrations have done it will all just happen for him.

Peters pointed it out as well - Obama seems to think that just doing this is going to cause some sort of wholesale change in Russian behavior and all he needs to do is sit back and watch it happen and take advantage of it. At the end of the day, that has always struck me as Obama's biggest problem whether we are talking foreign or domestic policy. It's not just rhetoric, he really does believe that he is special and that just the sheer force of the goodwill generated by his glowing personality and magnanimous gestures will accomplish great things.

Comrade Karla: At the root of it, he's an 80s undergrad when it comes to foreign policy--based on what I've seen thus far, anyway.

Speaking of foreign policy inexperience, David Frum warns of an impending, multi-facted foreign affairs disaster in The Week:

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