Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to School Barack

Obama decreed America's students are under-achievers in a world of stiff competition. To remedy this deficiency he wants to extend the school year and/or school hours.

The latest in Obama's attempt to transform our "mean nation" came out a couple of days ago:

What could be the benefit of this?

Maybe they can learn more songs of praise to the Dear Leader, like these kids did:

Michelle Malkin also dug-up further information on who sponsored this event:

FOX News, conservative websites and my like-minded friends feel this is a creepy attempt at political indoctrination.

Imagine the outcry if these kids were singing about God or Jesus in a public school.

Meanwhile, the Pledge of Allegiance--an oath of loyalty to our nation, not one man--comes under fire each school year:,2933,550063,00.html

I don't think the kiddies will be enthusiastically signing "Mmm--mmm-mmm" when they're couped-up in school on a hot summer day.

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