Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ramifications of the Oslo Massacre

(Image:  Breivik in a police van, photo by AP)

When news first broke of the bombing/shooting attack in Norway, I immediately assumed this was the work of Islamic jihadists and their ilk.  I was wrong, but I wasn't the only one.  Thanks to Al-Qaida's modus operandi, this was a natural assumption to make--not an "Islamophobic" reaction.  Or, as Comrade Karla put it:

Predictably, elements of the MSM demanded that “we apologize” for initial assumptions the Norway massacre was the work of, well, people who tend to do that sort of thing with alarming frequency.

Andrew McCarthy makes his case in the National Review Online (NRO):

Apparently, Mark Steyn was one of several author's mentioned in Breivik's 1500-page+ manifesto.  Rolling-in from The Corner, Mark points out the fallacy of crying "Islamophobia" when no Muslims were killed in Breivik's attack:

Finally, Bruce Bawer discusses another tragedy possibly unfolding in Norway--the shutting down of legitimate criticism of Islam:

More from the good Comrade:

Some good observations, particularly with respect to the continuing European delusion that they are “more evolved” than us Neanderthal ‘murcins. Also, the wave of attempts to discredit any critic of Norwegian policy vis a vis radical Islam was something that occurred to me as soon as it became clear who had committed the Norway murders.

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