Sunday, January 19, 2014

Climate Change and the Workers Paradise

Back during Christmas a global warming expedition found themselves trapped in the thickening Antarctic ice. Then the Polar Vortex descended upon a large swath of North America.

These events re-ignited emotions over global warming/cooling/climate change/whatever-environmental-activists-think-of-next.

Conservative-ish folks, people who believe that industrialization isn't the ONLY cause for climate irregularities, got a good chuckle out of all this--when they weren't digging themselves out of snowdrifts. 

This upset leftists to no end, people who passionately believe that human activity ALONE messes with Mother Earth's thermostat. 

What irks me more than the debate over the level of impact mankind's industry have on the environment, is that environmental activists--just about all of them leftists--make their demands of "doing something" to the capitalist countries.

Very little has been asked, let alone demanded, from various Peoples Democratic Workers Paradise Republics.

Let's cut through the layers of smog that blanket these utopias-in-progress, shall we?

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