Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Aflame--Again

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

While I was at the gym this morning, I saw snippets of the rioting in Ferguson, long before I even heard about the grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Some folks are wondering why the grand jury decision was released so late in the day.

Protests erupted in several cities across the nation, including Seattle, WA.

Meanwhile, back at the epicenter, Ferguson is bracing itself for another possible night of violence and destruction.

Cities that experienced protests have been preparing for about a week now.  It's as if everyone knew ahead of time what the grand jury decision would be.

Many of us like minded folks felt this had the same "story arc" as the Trayvon Martin shooting:

1. Family, friends and most of all, racial agitators (like Eric Holder) create a myth about a black "Gentle Giant/Skittles-Eating Honor Student" being gunned down in cold blood by some white racist.

2. Such a myth is repeated by the non-FOX News networks.

3. The myth starts to wilt under close scrutiny, mostly from conservative news sites, but still remains alive.

4. A jury/grand jury decides the evidence doesn't support the myth.

5. Despite the myth-busting evidence--violence erupts.

I wish we were wrong about Ferguson, MO's trajectory.

It's as if the racial agitators and non-FOX News networks know only one formula:

A White Shooter + A Deceased Black Person = RACISM

No other factors can be entered into the equation.

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