Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not Playing at a Theater Near You

Score one major propaganda victory for North Korea and their allies/proxies.

Sony Pictures decided to cancel the Christmas Day release of the movie The Interview.

I wrote this last night and scheduled it to upload this evening.  But evens unfolded faster than I expected.

I wasn't planning on seeing the movie, because I suspected it would make the CIA to be almost as bad as the North Korean government.  But in light of all this, I just may go watch it--if it ever gets released.

Or maybe I'll just buy the DVD.

Yeah, that'll show'em.

Here's my original post, with links and this afternoon's update:

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Planning on seeing a movie this Holiday Season?

The Sony Hackers threaten 9/11-style attacks on the opening day of "The Interview."

I haven't paid attention to cyber attack against Sony Picture Studio, but here's a Business Insider timeline (June to 12 December 2014) for a convenient reference.

The movie isn't even playing yet to general audiences and there's already a Wikipedia entry

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate if a cyber attack constitutes an act of war

Update, 2 PM PST, 17 December 2014:

This afternoon, first AMC and Regal Cinemas backed out of showing the film, then Sony Pictures scrapped the Christmas Day release completely

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