Monday, December 15, 2014

Whites Being Set On Fire By Blacks

Okay, there's no quirky political cartoon for this batch of horrific stories.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the story of a funeral in Mississippi for a 19 year old woman burned alive.

What struck me about this story--beyond the brutal nature of Jessica Chambers' death--was the lack of details about how she was set on/caught fire, and who could have done such a thing.

Then I stumbled across "another dot." This time from Townhall, with the backwards headline:  Massive spike in whites setting blacks on fire.  The author leads the reader on for a few paragraphs before "correcting" the headline to read:  Massive spike in blacks setting fire to whites. 

He does this to effectively prove his point about the PC-complaint media.  We've heard ad nauseam from the Ministry of Truth about the Hands Up Don't Shoot Big Lie.

But these stories?


Here's the results of my Google search for blacks setting whites on fire.

It will be 15 December 2014 by the time this is posted.

I wonder when how long it will take for a national news network, even FOX NEWS, to pick up on this story--if they ever do.

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