Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Number Crunching the Crusades

(Image from:  Adam West's Facebook Page

Commentators are still talking about Our Dear Leader's "...terrible deeds in the name of Christ..." comments at last week's National Prayer Breakfast.  

Regarding the Crusades, Ralph Peters puts the score at:  Jihadis-14, Crusaders-2 in terms of the number of centuries waging war.

It's one thing to discuss the atrocities of the past--of any country, even ours.  However, like most other conservatives, it really irks me when leftists attempt to lay a guilt trip on us for transgressions that no one currently alive committed.

One of my failings is that I can't always remember facts at the spur-of-the-moment.  So I was delighted to find this timeline online.

(Image from:  Britain First's Facebook Page)

Maybe I should print a copy and keep it handy.

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