Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Of Praetorians and Appeasers

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Last week, Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani made waves by stating Obama doesn't love America. The backlash was quick, even praetorians at the State Department got involved.

But Giuliani isn't backing down.

For us like-minded folks, "America's Mayor," didn't say anything surprising.  He was merely voicing our own misgivings about our Community Organizer in-Chief.

For example:  In the face of growing threats beyond the Ramparts of Civilization, Our Dear Leader is often compared to Neville Chamberlain.

But Mark Steyn wrote that such a comparison is an insult to the 20th Century's most notable appeaser.  And then reminds us near the end of his article:

We are at war with a depraved enemy, but we cannot be allowed to assert our moral superiority even to head-choppers, rapists, slavers and immolators. 

And that's why Giuliani's criticism rings true.

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