Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bush-ed Out

(Image by CagleCartoons, found on The Federalist Papers)

Shortly after the results came in from the South Carolina GOP Primary, the Pachyderm Parade lost another member:  Jeb Bush.

This certainly wasn't a surprise.  The surprise was that he stayed in the race for so long.
Mark Steyn explains why in his Bush Whacked article.  In short, Jeb had the support of the "Consultant Class" (i.e. big donors).  The same "smart folks" who supported McCain & Romney.

And we all know how those campaigns turned out.

I'm neither happy, nor sad to see Jeb go.  Despite any positive feelings us like-minded folks may have towards Bush the Elder and Dubya, we're "Bushed out."

From what I've heard, Jeb the man, is an intelligent and congenial guy.  However, Jeb! the campaign was completely out of touch with what the voters want, and it cost Jeb the GOP primary.

The Diplomad gives a good assessment of both the man and the campaign in his Jeb Bush Quits blogpost.

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