Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trumpunzel and the Corrupt Queen

(Image by Jerry Holbert)

On March 1st, the denizens of nearly a dozen states will be casting their lots, if not for their favorite candidate, then for the one who's perceived to be the least offensive/potentially damaging to the country.

Mark Steyn predicts Trump will trounce everyone on Super du Jour.

I'm not a gambling man, except for the $1/week I spend on a lottery ticket.  But based on how the Pachyderm Parade has been thinning out, I'd be surprised if anyone else trips-up Trump.

I'd like to say I'd be happy with such an outcome.  But the fact of the matter is, while I like Trump's off-the-cuff campaign promises and his irreverence toward establishment politics; I certainly don't LIKE the guy.  Guy Benson discusses at length his cunning plan to topple Trump.  (Hint: A Rubio-Kasich ticket, with Cruz as Chief Justice).

Meanwhile, between the two candidates left in the Donkey Drove, Corrupt Queen Clinton won a landslide victory against Bolshevik Bernie in S. Carolina.  Hillary proclaimed her campaign will be "going national." (Despite being a bad campaigner, Hillary's able to connect with black voters).

So by the Ides of March we may know who's the undisputed top Donkey & Pachyderm heading into November's general election.

But no matter who wins within the two political herds, there'll probably be a lot of discontented voters on both sides of the aisle.

It wouldn't surprise me to see a low (the lowest?) voter turn-out on 8 November...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

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