Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump Trumped in Iowa

(Image by Lisa Benson)

I've been off-line spending time with family for the past several days.

So the last thing this "Anybody-But-Hillary-or-Bernie" blogger wanted to do was post about Trump's no-show on last week's GOP debate on FOX News, or adding my own inaccurate prediction of the Iowa Caucuses.

The 2016 Primary Results for the Iowa Caucuses were tallied-up by Tuesday.

For the Pachyderm Parade:  Ted Cruz won, Trump came in second, with Marco Rubio coming third. Here's Five GOP Takeaways from the Iowa Caucuses.

For the Donkey Drove:  Corrupt Queen Hillary beat Bolshevik Bernie by a razor-thin margin.  Accusations of voter fraud and coin tosses are already being made.

Now political tea-leaf readers are wondering how things will pan out in the New Hampshire Primary.

However, before politicians, pollsters and newscasters migrate to the Granite State; Bolshevik Bernie is threatening to follow Donald Trump's lead and skip tomorrow night's Dem Debate.

Overall, the front-runners of both parties aren't doing as well as they imagine they would.

I've never followed business news.  While this latest piece by National Review on Trump's business record of bullying and cheating was news to me--but it wasn't surprising either. 

And since bullies are often cowards underneath, maybe Trump's ducking out of the FOX News debates wasn't so surprising after all.

Meanwhile, of the 22 Top Secret e-mails that passed through Hillary's Secret Server, contained operational intelligence that could put lives in jeopardy

Instead of wearing fashionable pantsuits, Hillary should be wearing orange jumpsuits.

For more entertaining comments about the Iowa Caucuses, there's Everybody Gets a Medal and Second Degree Bern.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

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