Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Predictable Pattern in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

(Image by Henry Payne)
Over the weekend, while I was off-line,
49 people were killed, and another 53 wounded at "The Pulse" nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

And, of course, the non-FOX News media, Democrat politicians, and leftists activist groups blamed the shooting on--

--Anti-gay attitudes among conservative Christians  (the Pulse is a gay bar)

--Gun ownership

Anything but Islam.

Basically, leftists choose to "...protect Islam at all costs, even at the expense of other victim groups."
Especially, the Top Two; Our Dear Leader and the Corrupt Queen, who harp on us to 'disarm' but fail to protect.

It seems that Florida isn't just home to "The Happiest Place on Earth," but is also America's jihadi playground.

As the investigation has unfolded, some plot twists may have been uncovered.  Questions swirl: Did Mateen [the shooter] have an accomplice, and was he closeted [gay]?

The latest being shooter's wife may be charged with being an accessory.

Regardless of the shooter's sexuality, the Left chose Islam over gays. 

 Meanwhile, as the Islamo-barbarians continue to plot against us, leftists will continue to focus their ire on guns...

(Image by Lisa Benson)

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