Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Palm Sunday Weekend Terror Attacks

(Image by Steve Breen in The Federalist Papers)
Our jihadist enemies weren't idle over the weekend.

While chattering class debated the effectiveness and legalities of the missile strike against Syria, a Uzbek carjacked a beer truck, plowed it into a crowd killing four and injuring 15 in Stockholm, Sweden.

And as usual, he turned out to be another Known Wolf who evaded deportation.

Then on Palm Sunday, two bombs killed 44 church-goers and injured 100 during Palm Sunday services in Egypt.

A tidbit of good news emerged from Iraq:  Iraqi Christians celebrated their first Palm Sunday Mass in three years.  Let's hope this trend continues.

But back in San Bernadino, a mass shooting occurred in an elementary school.

This story was just breaking yesterday as I was composing this post.  This turned out to be a murder-suicide involving a husband (suicide shooter) and his wife.  While there's probably no connection with global jihad, incidents like this still make me say "WTF?"

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