Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susan Rice Asked for Trump Transition Associates to be Unmasked

Well, apparently Ms. Benghazi-was-caused-by-a-video-Rice is behind the unmasking of Trump's teammates in the "Russian Hacking" scandal.

According to FOX News, this new development comes from multiple sources.

Even though CNN provided a handy-dandy glossary to wiretapping terms, to include masking/unmasking, panelists on Andy Cooper's show claimed the unmasking claim was fake news.

The Diplomad rolled-in with a quick post, On Spying, Again as information on this story continues to be unmasked.

Meanwhile, those "nefarious Russians" are having tragic problems of their own.

Yesterday, a terrorist tossed a nail bomb into a crowded commuter train carriage at the St. Petersburg Metro.

In response, Al Jazeera's Arabic Facebook page was flooded with happy emoticons from happy Muslims celebrating the attack.

While I've been critical of nearly all of the Barechested Czar's actions...

(Image found on 9GAG)
...I'll give this enemy-of-my-enemy a measure of respect for his attitude towards terrorists.

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