Saturday, October 26, 2019

Border Battles

(Image by:  A.F. Branco)

Last week, while Americans were trying to determine if the news they’re subjected to was real or fake; and whether or not The Queen of Warmongers should be our next president or committed to an insane asylum, a pitched battle erupted in Mexico.

The fight was not against an invading army, but between Mexico’s police and National Guard against the forces of Drug Lord El Chapo who freed his son, Ovidio, from jail.

Business Insider compiled a photo montage of the battle.

The defeat and surrender of Mexican police and military means that Mexico is essentially a failed state.

Meanwhile, north of the Rio Grande, YouTuber Salty Cracker noted woketards are still crying for an open border with Mexico and are more concerned about deploying US troops along the Turkish-Syrian Border than our own.

While the good people of Mexico live in fear of the drug cartels on a daily basis, it’s just another day of living in Clown World for us Americans.

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