Monday, October 21, 2019

Fake News Got Fakier

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Just when you thought the Left-Wing Fake News agencies hit rock bottom, a couple networks started to dig.

Last week, ABC News attempted to show the consequences of the US troop withdrawal as a "slaughter in Syria," which turned out to be live fire demo at Knob Creek Gun Range, West Point, KY.

It was a good thing ABC apologized for the deliberate misdirection error, because a bigger story overshadowed the Slaughter in Syria Fake News.

On Columbus Day, a whistleblower working with Project Veritas exposed anti-Trump bias at CNN.

Within one news cycle, other YouTubers picked up on the story, namely--

--Blue Collar Logic and


While during the prime time hours, CNN's bias was the opening topic on FOX New's Tucker Carlson.

While YouTubers and FOX News used snippets of Project Veritas's videos, here's the compiled the organization released:

Part 1 was the initial expose, while in Part 2, CNN executives and staff discussed which Democratic candidate they preferred and how to promote them .

The schadenfreude lining within the dark cloud of Fake New and Collusion is that CNN's ratings hit a new low.

Since Trump Derangement Syndrome has swept through CNN, the network may as well drop all pretenses of being the "most trusted name in news," and change their logo...

(Image by Gary Varvel)

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