Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Chummy with the Bad Guys

On 28 June, the Honduran military, acting on orders from the Supreme Court removed President Zelaya from office--while in his PJs--and dumped him off in Costa Rica. (See my 30 June post).

The "Usual Suspects," Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Barack Obama, along with the Useless Nobodies (the UN) and Organization of Alligned Sychophants (OAS) condemned the "coup."

Here's the 29 June story as it appeared in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

While Obama was nearly silent about the protests in Iran, he's definately taking a stand with Honduras--the the former Thug-in-Chief Zelaya. It seems that our Apologizer-in-Chief feels that by maintaining the world's status-qou he'll be in a better position to wow world leaders with his star-power. Although Obama received a chilly reception in Russia--and it wasn't due to the weather.

Michael Waller of Political Warfare made several suggestions on how conduct a successfull coup:

Unfortunately, Honduras didn't follow Michael's advice and is still on the outs with Obama and the rest of the cabal of international community organizers. But as most of us already realize, the reality on the teeming streets of Tegucigalpa is quite different than what is being portrayed beyond the Honduran jungles. Pajamas Media's Roger Simon writes about the upside-down view of Honduras:

Comrade Karla, rolled-in:

Regardless of the finer points of political and legal argument, the media role in all of this has been shown, once again, to be fraudulent at the very least. Also interesting the last comment…notice how coverage of Iran has dropped off the radar, and "The One" pretty much has thrown the protestors under a bus once and for all.

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