Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mark Steyn's "Greatest Hits" of 08

Right Wing News posted Mark Steyn's "Greatest Hits" 5 days ago:

Mr. is my favorite commentator because he has a way of putting a humorous spin on otherwise frightening, or at least depressing news.
In fact, his work landed him and his editor in trouble with the Canadian "Thought Police" of the Human Rights Commision.
His crime?
Citing a comment from a Norwegian imam stating something to the effect that "Muslims will breed like mosquitos" and thus take over Europe. Some Muslim readers took offense to this and filed a grievance. (Hence the "Wanted" poster). Mark and his editor pushed back citing such action was an infringement of free speech. Mark won, but has had to pay for his own legal defense.
While all the news stations are currently covering Ted Kennedy's funeral, Mark brings up a point none of the other media agencies have mentioned: Chappaquiddick.
A couple of days ago Mark noted that our sexual freedoms and what defines sexual norms have expanded. However every other type of freedom has been under increasing assault since the Sexual Revolution:

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