Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leopards Don't Change Their Spots...

...nor do Bears change their fur.

A couple of Russian attack subs have been cruising in or around US waters. True this is nothing like the bumper-car games US and Soviet subs played during the Cold War. However, US-Russian relations has been on shaky ground lately.

So is this the harbinger of the "Cool War"?

The full story so far on FOX News:,2933,537077,00.html

Meanwhile in other Neo-Cold War news, the two American journalists pictured above, have been pardoned by North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong Il and are now back home.

But the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea didn't cough-up these young ladies because the were won over by Bill Clinton's bedroom eyes.


It appears there was more to this release than a simple chat between a philandering former US president and a worn-out, party-boy president-for-life.

But we knew already knew that didn't we?

The first layer of this Prisoners-For-Nuke-Talks onion gets peeled:

I'm sure there'll be more smelly layers revealed later.

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