Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama Making it a Crime to Defend America

Monica Crowley commented on a FOX news show that Obama campaigned as a moderate. In every case since his inauguration, his radical roots have shown through the dye-job.

As Mark Steyn said in columns back, attempting to prosecute CIA interrogators is a step toward criminalizing politics--something banana republics do after every election or coup.

Here's the latest:

I asked my on-line friends if Obama was now going to appoint an "Interrogation Czar."

Here's some of the message traffic regarding this new tidbit:

Comrade Karla:

Yes, we're going to "move on" and "go forward" and not "dwell on the past." Well, that only applies if you don't have a bunch of half-baked leftards in charge of the government. I fully expect stupidity on the scale of what happened in the 70s on this one, provided these morons manage to hold on to a majority in Congress or even the presidency.

Another friend put an historical spin on this:

Think the roman empire, the emperors had their own private army, [ praetorian guard ] spy system [ frumentarii ] and secret courts. These were personal instruments of the emperors to control the senatorial, and equities classes. Obama seems to have created his own separate governmental apparatus. Personal and powerful, while secret government, that is politically reliable to himself. he still may want his 250k man " armed as well as the military " civilian defense corps.

While another asked a very good question:

Is this all a ploy to distract America from the Health Care Issue? I wonder. First Obama says he wants to move ahead and not worry about this and now it's all brought back into the lime light. Or am I mistaken in thinking that it feel by the wayside?
I hate being a conspiracy theorist, but I have a hard time thinking of another good reason why we should be bring all this back up.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin isn't shedding any tears over the CIA threatening Khalid Sheik Mohammed's family:

Nor am I.

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