Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confirmation Hearings

A couple of days ago, John Kerry sailed through the Senate confirmation hearings to become Hillary's successor at the State Department. 

The Diplomad is, well, mad about the whole sordid state of affairs. 
Meanwhile, Chuck Hagel, Our Dear Leader's pick for Secretary of Defense is getting a much-deserved grilling from GOP congressfolks.

What could be at stake?

VDH warns that war pops up like rust

So no matter how shiny Our Dear Leader wishes the world to be--the "usual suspects" will find a way of dirtying the place up.

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  1. Our Dear Leader's picks are redolent of a desire to surround himself with those of much lesser intellect, apparently so he won't have to worry about being challenged. The sign of a brittle, insecure personality for sure.