Friday, January 11, 2013

O's Picks-of-the-Weak

(Image by Ramirez)
A small uproar erupted this week over Our Dear Leader's picks for Secretaries of State and Defense.  Ironically, this has at least O Supporter, Alan Dershowitz, alarmed.  But as Richard Fernandez points out, such concern may be a case of:  Too little, too late
Comrade Karla rolled-in with this comment:
I've really wanted to believe this was hyperbole, but every action The One takes (nevermind what he says or claims) appears to back up a deep-seated desire to weaken the US as a global player.
Naturally, the result will be complete disaster, more (not less) instability. It's like reasoning that if you have fewer adults at day care, the children will behave better. That, and John "Palestine" Brennan with his "if we are nice, they'll love us" approach, and Hegel "let's recognize Hamas and end Iran sanctions."
I think Steve Hayes put it best on Brett Bair last night that Hegel has been dead wrong on nearly every major foreign policy initiative of the past decade (if not before).
I've said it before--at heart, Obama personifies the anti-nuke, anti-us 80s undergrad mentality (with about the same level of intellect).
Ever since the school massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, I've posted about the hue & cry raised by gun-grabbing liberals.  Infringing on the 2nd Amendment will be a disaster for freeborn citizens.  But as Roger Simon explains, an even bigger disaster will erupt beyond our shores, if our Anti-American president continues his plunge down the foreign policy rabbit hole.

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