Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun Ban By Decree?

Apparently, our Imperial President appears to already have forgotten about the 2nd Amendment.  Joe Bidden was blabbing to the lamestream media about the possible use of executive orders to implement gun control measures.
How far will O go?
 According to Katie Pavlich, there won't be anything to stop Our Dear Leader from "going all the way."
But hey, at least members of the Ministry of Truth will get a free pass for brandishing contraband on the air...

(Image by Eric Allie)
Meanwhile, the Elders of the Emerald City announced the opening day of a political feel-good show, known as the gun buy back program.  At least it's not a gun buy back progrom--yet.
I wonder how many criminals will turn in their weapons?
Mark your calendars though, for the January 19th.  Second Amendment advocates are calling for a Gun Appreciation Day.
I'm wondering if this story will be:
a.  Ignored by the non-FOX News media.  Or,
b. Participants will be slandered by the same-said media, just like the Tea Partiers.

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