Sunday, September 1, 2013

Operation True Lies?

(Image:  "Spy Romance" by "Spycrap")
Just over a week ago, news broke of yet another misuse of our government's intelligence capabilities.  Apparently, an undisclosed number of employees at the NSA have been spying, not on our nation's enemies, but on their "love interests."
Or in pseudo spook-speak:  "LoveInt."
Maybe this is a case of Live imitating art...

...Operation "True Lies"?
Last night, one of the commentators on Red Eye, I think it was Andrew Levy, who said that normally, this story wouldn't garner much notice.  However, when added to all the other "phony scandals," it makes people wonder what other abuses of power is going on?
Or at least among those of us who care and are paying attention.

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