Friday, November 22, 2013

Anybody But the Commie Did It

(Image by Eric Allie)

Today all the news stations aired part, or all of the memorial ceremony commemorating JFK's assassination 50 years ago. 

Fortunately, we were spared from the shows airing all the JFK Assassination Conspiracies. 

Maybe one of them is true.

Since I was an infant at the time, I never really paid attention to the various conspiracy theories.  The one thing I have noticed, as the above cartoon depicts, is the attempt to find the "real culprit(s)," other than the confirmed commie Lee Harvey Oswald.  

In addition to assassination conspiracies, the image of the Kennedy Administration's "Camelot" sprang up.  While I thought the movie PT-109 was (still is) pretty cool, I never bought into any Camelot "real estate deals."

But with all the rememberences, Mark Steyn reminds us of one of JFK's dirty foreign policy tricks.

Something that didn't involve a gaggle of women for a change. 

Here's the full article Mark wrote ten years ago.

And getting back to PT-109, was JFK really a hero, or incompetent as some (many?) detractors charge?
HistoryNet provided the most even handed and entertaining article on the cirumstances before PT-109 was sunk, along with the long term ripple affects that allowed JFK to ride the waves into the White House.

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