Friday, November 8, 2013

Yeah, Now He's Sorry

(Image by Eric Allie)
On the surface, this appears to be a noble gesture about unfolding disaster Obamacare has become for millions (possibly all?) Americans.  However, since it took two weeks for the White House to come with this half-baked mea culpa it's more of a case of getting out in front of a story that's too big to ignore.

(Image by Gary McCoy)
So is this damage control a case of too little/too late?  Especially since the " can keep your plan. Period..." and other "misspoken" comments have been well chronicled--even by the media lapdogs--who are now hounding Obama about what he said versus what he meant.  Which unlike the other "phony scandals," this one's too big for even the non-FOX media to ignore.

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