Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giving Away the Keys to the Kingdom

(Image:  Putin and his new GLONASS Navigator)
I wonder if Vlad's new toy comes with our missile launch codes? 
It may as well, especially since the State Department is in full "Reset Mode" and greasing the skids for Russia to build a dozen monitoring stations in the US.
One of my friends asked:
 Uh, why on earth would we help them with that system?!?
Why indeed?
I put nothing past this administration. Nothing. They’re already trying to give away the store to the Iranians. Why not add the Russians to that?

Hence my comment about the launch codes.

What concerns me is that, at least with Iran, we had the French, Saudis, and UK to play grown-up. Domestically, there is no grown-up.

Hopefully, 2016 won't be too late to get some adult supervision back into the Oval Office.

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