Monday, December 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty Flap

(Image by Glenn Foden)  

Last week one of the members of the reality TV show, Duck Dynasty was suspended from the show, supposedly for anti-gay remarks made during in an interview with GQ Magazine.  

I didn't comment about during the initial media feeding frenzy because:

1. I don't follow the show, although I hear it's a hoot.  And

2. I know the scenario/story arc...

...which went something like this:

Phil Robertson, made some comment that irked the PC Inquisitors.  Therefore, the Bishop of the Archdiocese of A&E of the High Church of Political Correctness sought fit to excommunicate the sinner from their midst.

In other words:  Standard PC over reaction.

In this case though, the only problem was--they weren't expecting fans to push back.  The Cracker Barrel restaurants tried appeasing the PC crowd--and ended up enraging customers instead.  

Everything I've seen on Facebook from my own circle of friends have been pro-Duck Dynasty.  (I'm sure some of my liberal friends may have posted anti-DD comments, I just haven't seen them yet). 

I finally read Star Parker's Duck Dynasty Christmas article and saw just how little it took to ruffle the PC Commissars' collective feathers.  

One of the many problems I have with political correctness is that it removes the adult concept of agreeing to disagree.  This leaves no room for reasoned debate.  At best, PC puts a crimp on free speech.  At worst, it's intolerant as Mark Steyn writes

One can even get in trouble with the PC Commissars for stating the obvious, as Megyn Kelly did over Santa Claus's ethnicity.

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