Sunday, December 22, 2013

The War on Christmas

(Image from The O'Reilly Factor

Leftists love to poke fun at FOX News' coverage of the War on Christmas.  

I don't know if I'd call it a full-fledged "war" but there has been attacks, whether concerted or not, against Christmas traditions, even against the word "Christmas" itself.

Now I don't mind people using the phrase "Happy Holidays."  I use it myself, in order to lump in the other holidays that often occur at this time of the year, primarily New Year's and Hanukkah.   I don't know of anyone personally that celebrates Kwanzaa, but if I did, I'd wish them a happy one.  And many of my friends joke about celebrating Festivus.  

What I do mind, is the deliberate attempt to stifle, or outright ban any expression, especially religious ones, regarding Christmas.  

 Matt Mackowiak of Townhall, explains how real the War on Christmas is

I certainly won't demand people greet me with "Merry Christmas" if they choose to say "Happy Holidays," as long as they don't get bent out of shape if I bid them a Merry Christmas.

May your Holidays--Christmas, Hanukkah (after 2013), Kwanzaa, New Year and even Festivus--be peaceful and pleasant.

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