Friday, December 13, 2013

Funeral Farce

Just as I was leaving to visit family, I heard Nelson Mandela died.  The state funeral was held three days ago and yet, the somber occassion was laced with farce worthy of something out of Bongolesia.

Let's see...

First, there was Obama engaged in a selfie threesome with the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her UK counterpart David Cameron.

Michelle did not look amused. (Maybe she was miffed at not being invited to make it a foursome).

Then there was the Dear Leader-to-Dear Leader handshake with Raul Castro, which did not endear Obama to the hearts & minds of Cuban-American lawmakers

Finally there was the fake sign language interpreter...

...yeah, that guy standing a few feet from Obama with his index finger across his throat.  This was especially telling since this faker now claims he's a schizzo who "sometimes gets violent."

(I guess the Secret Service had the day off to spend with their Colombian hookers).

What did Our Dear Leader do when he stood at the podium?

He inserted himself--repeatedly--into his eulogy, but this was "normal ops" for Obama.

I'd enjoy a dash of "Funeral Spice" as Mark Steyn suggested, if the "phony scandals" like IRS now openly targeting conservative groups weren't a weekly occurrence. 

This is just a stone's throw away from openly criminilazing political opposition.

And speaking of criminals, Dear Leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea was--shocked, shocked!--to discover his dear uncle Jang Song Thaek wasn't so dear after all.

Or so he and the state media say.

The Obamunists here should take note:  This is the end-game of yielding more and more power to a leader--dear, or otherwise.

 Even those within the inner circle aren't safe and as the North Koreans know all to well--no one is safe.

(Image by Jerry Holbert) 

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